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  Rental Agreement

Inflatable Rental Agreement

Release of Liability

 The Lessee shall be in charge of inflatable unit’s operation, and is fully responsible for operation after receiving unit. Lessor is not responsible for any injuries occurring to Lessee or to any persons using the leased property. Lessee further agrees to hold Lessor free and harmless against any claims; and further, Lessor shall be indemnified for any and all costs incurred due to claim from anyone; including court costs and attorney fees; and other related costs involving the use of this leased equipment. Lessee will provide own liability insurance unless otherwise specified. Lessee is responsible for the replacement value of the new leased unit in the event of theft, vandalism, fire or any act which may damage or destroy the leased property.


Lessee agrees to keep the inflatable unit in the same condition as when received.

Inflatable Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit is required to confirm all reservations. Cancellations made by the customer at least 7 days prior to scheduled date will receive a full refund of deposit. Cancellations made less than 7 days before scheduled date may forfeit their deposit, or can apply to another reservation within 12 months. Once inflatable has been delivered and set up there will be no refund.

Weather Policy
Since we cannot guarantee weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel if severe weather conditions are imminent or if we have any reason to believe that the equipment and/or its riders may be in danger. Some examples of severe weather are high winds, excessive rain, and lightening. Safety will always be our first priority. Should the reservation be canceled prior to delivery due to inclement weather, a full refund will be issued. If conditions are not too severe, we will give you the option of keeping your reservation or not. If you decide to keep the unit, there will be no refunds. Rest assured, we will make every effort to ensure your event is a success.

Equipment Cleaning Policy
Absolutely no silly string, glitter, gum, candy, food, beverages, or other sticky substances are allowed in the inflatables. If, upon pick up, such cleaning is required, then a cleaning fee will be imposed.

Delivery Policy
Delivery, setup, and pickup are provided with your inflatable rental. Assessment of a safe setup location free of all obstructions including irrigation systems, prior to delivery,  is your responsibility. If you are not sure about your setup location, please contact us in advance and we can discuss the setup requirements. If, at the time of delivery, it is determined that the lessee’s preferred setup location may compromise safety or present risk of damage to the equipment, an alternative site will be determined by our driver.

Requirements for Setup & Operation
The setup area must be reasonably flat, dry, and free of mud, rocks, stumps, debris, animal droppings, twigs, underground irrigation and sharp objects. It must also be clear of overhead obstruction such as wires and tree branches. Also, please be sure your site is ready and prepared before we get there, ie: lawns mowed, vehicles moved, etc.

The customer must provide a RELIABLE  power source within 100 feet of the setup location. And access to water.

Adult supervision is required at all times.

To avoid neck and back injuries, flips are not allowed.

Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the unit at the same time.

No climbing on the netting, the outside of the inflatable, or the roof.

No pets, toys, or any sharp objects are allowed in the inflatable.

By my signature I accept the terms of this Rental Agreement

NAME (PRINTED): __________________________________ DATE: _______________________

RENTER’S SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________________

DATE OF EVENT: ________________

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